5 Free E-Books That Will Make You Better at Portrait Photography

Portrait photography can range from capturing candid photos of people to shooting wedding portraits, and much more, including self portraits. It’s possible to create stunning portrait images when you have the right practical knowledge needed for it.

If you’ve been looking to get better at portrait photography, we have put together some free guides from Photzy that cover different, specific areas of portrait photography. For free guides on capturing street portraits, check out the post here.

Photo by Jonas Svidras

If creating portraits is something that interests you, and you would like a more complete training on it, take a look at Kent DuFault’s guide on portrait photography.

1. Portraiture

This guide discusses the topic of portrait photography in general and has chapters on how different factors affect capturing portraits- lighting, lens focal length, framing, aperture and background blur, clothing and props. A great guide to help you get started with portrait photography.

2. Shooting Self-Portraits

If you’ve never shot self portraits before or if you’d like to try your hand at it, this guide will be a good place to start learning. Apart from talking about the technical aspects of getting the self-portrait right, there are sections on composition, post-processing, and storytelling, with a bunch of great examples.

3. Fashion Photography

This guide by photographer Kent DuFault will introduce you to everything a beginner should know about fashion photography. One of the things that you’ll learn in the guide is that fashion photography isn’t a portrait. This guide, however, makes the list as the two genres can have overlapping aspects.

4. Creating Memorable Wedding Portraits

Wedding photography can be challenging if you are not well prepared for it. Photographer Karthika Gupta lays down seven practical tips that she thinks are important when it comes to capturing wedding portraits and creating memorable photos with confidence.

5. How to Plan a Location Portrait

If the idea of taking outdoor location portraits using just the available light appeals to you, this guide can help you get started with it. Photographer Kevin Kleitches provides you with a general guide on how to plan a location portrait with plenty of useful tips and wonderful examples.

Get Better at Portrait Photography

If you would like a more complete training on creating truly memorable portrait photos, take a look at the guide The Art of Portrait Photography over at Photzy. It covers everything you need to know to take consistently great portrait shots – lighting and posing tips, composition guidelines, getting great shots from minimal equipment, and much more. Click here now to check it out.

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