When Iceland’s goalkeeper is not denying Messi, he is directing commercials for Coca-Cola

Thór Halldórsson is an accomplished goalkeeper, I mean, not every goalkeeper gets to deny Messi from a penalty shot. But, when goalkeeper Thór Halldórsson is not keeping the goal, he is working as a film director. In fact, one of the latest Coca-Cola commercials, the Icelandic Coca-Cola ad for the World Cup 2018, was directed by Halldórsson and […]

Hugyfot announces new products

Hugyfot has announced two new products. The DNA arm system allows users to add or subtract buoyancy and arm length as required. The Vision housing for the Sony RX100 has a maximum depth rating of 20m and features an integrated 7” HDMI monitor and 2 8000mAh battery packs. Both new products will be available soon […]